1. Michaela: Here’s what I’ve come up with in terms of a non-officially-sourced, cleaned-up (but still charmingly rough-edged?) R-MWC logo. I have an actual 300dpi file that I can email too if that’s preferable.


  2. obliviyawn said: i can't find a good image of the RMWC school seal anywhere on the internet! would you happen to know where i could find one? i'd like to make some merch (bumper stickers, mugs, etc) and am hoping you can help :-)

    There was a halfway-decent image I found on the college’s site at some point, but I can’t find it. Here is the best I found, but if I find the time in the next week or so I will try and make a larger b/w version for you!


  3. Another aerial view of the campus. Of note: steam pipes towering behind main, athletic fields off of Princeton Circle. Oh, and the insane number of trees all over front and back campus (RIP).


  4. Nice postcard shot of Main Hall, with bonus mysterious notes on reverse.

    While front campus is perhaps more idyllic without paths, there is a small part of me that wishes they were still there so I could’ve more easily avoided stepping in deer poop every time I tried to take a shortcut to Martin/Presser.


  5. 1905 postcard, via eBay.


  6. 1906 postcard. Bridge location UNKNOWN. Where the stadium is now? Between where Martin and Presser are now? 


  7. Postcard from 1906. My kingdom to the first person who makes me a tshirt with this on it!


  8. A diploma from 1967, for Virginia Irby Davis. Sadly, being sold on eBay!


  9. 1905 newspaper advertisement


  10. A beautiful hand-painted plate with an image of the school, found on eBay).


  11. Grrl gang out by Mary’s Garden (1973 Helianthus)


  12. Standard at Randolph. (1973 Helianthus)




  14. Ok so what happened to Dale E. Swan and where is he now???? I forgot I have to…take…Econ 101… (1973 Helianthus)


  15. Smith Theatre, 1973.